International Grad Student Tax Tips - Adjustments to Income

This page is part of a larger article on how foreign students can save on their taxes. Any comments, corrections and suggestions for this project are welcome. Feel free to contact me using my contact information in the About page. Disclaimer The text below does not constitute tax advice or recommendation, and does not replace […]

Cappucco? No prego.

This week I will be commemorating 7 months since I moved to the bay area. Life has been mostly splendid here, with sunny days, polite people, mostly-functional public services system (10 months to pass a budget? Com'on), and very bad coffee. Coffee here is so ridiculously bad that I actually thought about starting to prepare […]

My Precious (Metals)

Every new week begins with a recurring anxiety attack – will I make it to the weekend? Will I collect enough of the precious commodities needed to survive in San Francisco? There are two very common commodities being used in the Bay Area – Plastic, and Quarter Dollar coins. Without any of them, you are […]

History in the making

Today I handed in my first Marketing Strategy problem set. It is a historical moment. I haven't been kidnapped, neither by aliens, nor by the crazy party people on Halloween in the Castro district. I haven't gone too drunk from all of the MBA events, nor have I opened a business consulting service for electronic […]