History in the making

Today I handed in my first Marketing Strategy problem set. It is a historical moment.

I haven't been kidnapped, neither by aliens, nor by the crazy party people on Halloween in the Castro district.

I haven't gone too drunk from all of the MBA events, nor have I opened a business consulting service for electronic engineering students.

I merely had no time to breathe, which is quite a change from what I used to do, where I didn't have time, but could catch my breath from time to time.

I recently found out the UC Berkeley Economics department is ranked between number 1 and 3 in the world (depending who you ask). Why does a poor Business School PhD like me care?

As all my classes are with the economics department, hanging around who may become potential Nobel laureates is nice, but time consuming.

It has been almost 10 weeks into the semester, and it ends within an extra 5 or so. I can't believe how many new things I learnt in such a short time, especially on the side of real life economics.

Turning to real history, I am feeling I am fortunate to witness history, having been in the US both on big Tuesday (party primaries day in early 2008), on a historic Super bowl, and on election day. It is sometimes surprising how history can play games with us, making the 4th of November a worldwide date of sharp changes.

I have never seen so many people so involved, interested, debating, hoping, worrying, and now, some of them celebrating.

I truly hope gay marriage isn't annulled here in California, but so far it seems the odds are against me. I could never understand people's ability to interfere with other people's lives...

Congrats to the winners. Let's hope my pension fund recovers its loses after this fall, no new war emerges with a non-friendly country, and that this blog doesn't go down into oblivion...

- Ron