Motorola NVG510 help page for AT&T U-Verse users

This page is intended to help users of the Motorola NVG510 Modem/Router identify and solve some issues that I (and others) have encountered.

It has a list of questions and answers to the most common problems after the intro part.

Given I cannot longer attend to specific user requests, I suggest using Jordan's app to solve most of your problems quickly. It's free, and Jordan is there to provide support and answer questions in case of problems. I do suggest you consider donating to Jordan for his work.

You can also read more details in this blog post.


The two most common problems are:

  1. Webpages do not load fully. This problem will happen in any browser, not just Safari, Firefox etc. The problem is not in your computer or browser. It is within the NVG510 (despite what AT&T might tell you). To fix it, see answer number 4 in this post.
  2. Frequent line drops and disconnects - there can be several issues creating this problem. One solution is to ask AT&T to lower the speed of your connection. If it solves the problem, ask them to send a technician to test the quality of your line, or email me and I might be able to help.


[Updates 1/6/2014]:

1. This is by far the most visited page on my site. It receives over 8,600 visitors a month. That is crazy!
2. It is more than 2 years old, and AT&T users still have problems.
3. Unfortunately I cannot attend to users comments anymore, so I have disabled the commenting option - if you follow the instructions in this post carefully, it will solve your problems - really.
4. I highly recommend using Jordan's app - Jordan has been very helpful in solving NVG510 problems, maintains a few active pages with details and provides excellent support.

[Updated 6/3/2012]:

  1. Six months passed, and users are still having issues. AT&T is weird...
  2. My WordPress insists of constantly changing the pagination of this page - apologies.
  3. The PayPal donation button is back - please consider using it. 🙂

[Updated 2/7/2012]: Now added instructions on changing specific DNS settings on computers. See Answer 4

[Updated 12/15/2011]: Added note about IPv6 issues

[Updated 1/21/2012]: Lots of comment Spam. If it will continue for long, I will be closing commenting. Just email me if you really have issues, or go through the comments and answers in this post

[Updated 1/31/2012]: Somehow, the bridging instructions I wrote were completely wrong and from a previous version of this post. I'm surprised it even worked

If you have suggestions on how to improve this page or perhaps you have found other issues or solutions, please feel free to contact me through the details on the "About Me" page.


  1. What is the Motorola NVG510?

The Motorola NVG510 is a combined ADSL2+/Router provided by AT&T for its U-Verse High Speed Internet Customers. It appears AT&T have been providing these modems since around August 2011.

  1. Where can I find the Manual for the NVG510 Router/Modem?

Follow this link to download the manual from this site, with the following disclaimer:
At this time a manual is not available on AT&T's website or motorola website. However, a manual was submitted to the FCC as part of the approval process.
It mostly fits the modems sent to consumers homes, but some interfaces (mainly the command line interface) seem to be disabled.
It can be downloaded from: using Grantee Code GZ5 and Product Code NVG510. Under "Display Exhibits" choose "Detail". The manual provided on this site was printed from that link. Copyright belongs to its respective owners.

  1. How do I access the modem's configuration page?

Open a web browser and type in the modem's IP address and press enter. By default it is
This should display a page similar to this:

NVG510 Main page [click to enlarge
  1. My web pages partially load (e.g., not all images load), or the modem shows a message that websites cannot be reached. What do I do?

This appears to be a main issue with the NVG510 - its DNS settings have an issue with waiting for response from the DNS servers (they give up too fast). To see if this is an issue with your connection, go to the "Diagnostics->Logs" tab. You will need to enter the device access code which can be found on a (yellow) sticker on the modem.
Go over the log. If lines similar to the following appear, then you are having the DNS issues other people have:

2011-11-24T16:53:13-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: no responses from nameserver ''
2011-11-24T16:53:13-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: no responses from nameserver ''
2011-11-24T16:53:13-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: nameserver '' is now responding
2011-11-24T16:53:13-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: nameserver '' is now responding
2011-11-24T17:22:56-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: no responses from nameserver ''
2011-11-24T17:22:57-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: nameserver '' is now responding
2011-11-24T17:23:09-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: no responses from nameserver ''
2011-11-24T17:23:10-08:00 L3 dnsmasq[2478]: nameserver '' is now responding

Until AT&T solves this issue on their DNS servers or by updating the NVG510, there are two possible workarounds that seem to work well:

(a) Manually enter the DNS server details in every device and computer that accesses the Internet through the NVG510. This is a little burdensome.
This is done differently for a Mac or a PC. Specific instructions for each operating system can be found here.

(b) Force the NVG510 to act as a modem only ("bridge" mode), and setup a router after it to handle DNS, address distribution (DHCP) etc. If you have a router (such as a residential WiFi router), this process is very easy.
Then, in this router, set the DNS servers manually. To see how to do all of these, see question 6 below describing how to force the NVG510 into "bridge" mode.

Two things to note:

(a) The DNS server addresses to use appear in the log above, and also in the NVG510 Broadband->Status menu as "Primary DNS" and "Secondary DNS".

(b) The DNS servers themselves are actually fine. However, from my experience (in the SF Bay Area), using Google's DNS significantly improves the network performance. To see how to use Google's public DNS servers, see here. The IP addresses are and If you want to check the performance of your connection, use

  1. Some of the websites I go to are stuck with a message from the NVG510, even though other websites work fine.

To fix this issue, clear the web browser's cache. In Google Chrome, this will be in Preferences->Under the Hood->Clear Browsing Data and make sure that "Empty the Cache" is marked.

  1. I want to use my own Wireless Router instead of the NVG510 - Can I bypass the modem or put it into "bridge" mode?

Formally, the NVG510 does not seem to have a simple bridge mode configuration. Luckily, the nice people at the AT&T forum have found a workaround. Making it work requires configuring both the NVG510 and the router manually.

Here are the details:

On the NVG510:

1. Under "Home Network->Subnets & DHCP":
- Device IPv4 Address: (this is the default)
- DHCPv4 Start Address:
- DHCPv4 End Address:
(This tells the NVG510 to only allocate one address to a device connected to it)

2. Under "Home Network->Wireless"
- Wireless Operation: Off
(Since you will be using your own WiFi router)

3. Under "Firewall->IP Passthrough"
- Allocation Mode: Passthrough
- Passthrough Mode: DHCPS-fixed
- Passthrough Fixed MAC Address: <MAC address of the home router>
(You can find your home router MAC address on the home router's status page.
Make sure to enter the WAN MAC address).

3. Under "Home Network->Configuration", change IPv6 to "Off", unless you know how to configure IPv6 to work with your router. This will save you some issues in the future.

On the Home Router

1. Make sure the home router allocates DHCP addresses on the LAN on a different range than For example, will work (with a subnet mask of or will work (with a subnet mask of

2. Tell the router to use a fixed WAN IP address (to not use DHCP to get an IP address from the NVG510). Then use the address from the NVG510 configuration page under "Broadband->Broadband IPv4 Address" as the WAN IP address, as the subnet mask, the address under "Broadband->Gateway IPv4 Address" as the gateway address and the DNS server addresses from question #4 above as the primary and secondary addresses.

Note: from my experience, Google's DNS servers ( and perform better in the SF Bay Area.

  1. Everything worked great and then suddenly stopped, what happened?

AT&T may have turned on IPv6 on your line, and it messes up the "bridging" mode. To check this, look under "Broadband->Status". If the IPv6 status is "Available", this may be causing the issue.
The solution is to go to "Home Network->Configure", and change the IPv6 option to "Off". Then restart the NVG510 and router.

  1. Why did you create this page?

I was a little frustrated with looking online for all the answers and finding the details scattered all around. Frankly, I'm surprised AT&T doesn't use their own forums to identify such issues, since they seem to be pervasive.
I hope this page has put some order into all the issues. If you notice anything wrong or have any suggestion, shoot me an email (details are in the about me page).

I created this page while being a grad student, and PhD students always have use for more Pizza, or books, so please consider supporting grad students at Cal, this way they can find a cure for cancer, or fix AT&T blunders. 🙂

  1. I have deeper issues, how can I solve them?

Use the AT&T forums and the BBR forums. People there are really helpful. Try to make sure to post your Modem's log (see above for how to access it), and also screenshots of your configuration. If all else fails, contact AT&T Tier 2 Support.

714 replies on “Motorola NVG510 help page for AT&T U-Verse users”

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  2. I followed the instructions exactly and everything works ... except the Time Capsule (which is what I'm using as my router) complains about "Double NAT." This can be ignored, but is there any way to get rid of the "Double NAT?"

    1. Ignore my previous question. It turns out that I didn't follow the instructions quite as carefully as I thought.

  3. hi! I'm bobby I have a motorola nvg510 and I am going to order Netflix to watch movies but I want to beable to watch my Netflix movies on my tv . my tv is a 42 inch vizio flat screen . what want to know is can connect my Motorola nvg510 to my tv

  4. Ok I apologize I am just learning on this stuff so maybe some one can break down a simple answer for me lol ok my neighbors have hispeed Internet I connect to their wifi but it's not a strong connection can I somehow make there wifi connect to either my net gear wifi router or thr att router to improve signal?? Their wifi is under net gear n I believe the Also got att .. Please help confused thanks

  5. Many thanks for linking the Motorola NVG510 manual. Even stupid AT&T does not have it. I've been conptemplating moving to get out of AT&T area. I hate their modem/router combo. I hate their service. I hate their name. Been trying to port forward my WD Mycloud through their router. Their tech support sucks.
    Anyway, glad I found this website. Google rules the world.

  6. I followed your "plan" to configure my NVG510 and Apple Time Capsule. However, I have not found anyone who has successfully configured the IPv6 on the Time Capsule. Do you know how to "finish" this piece of the puzzle. AT&T cannot (will not) divulge what IPv6 addresses to use. It is frustrating - IPv6 works when the devices are connected to the NVG510. All except the Apple TC. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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  8. Hi Ron,

    Ran across your webpage while trying to see if I could use a Cradlepoint MBR95 wireless router with my NVG510 AT&T router. I know nothing on how routers work but am pretty good following directions. Do you know if these two can work together? I initially bought the MBR95 when my prior AT&T modem bit the dust. Long story short I have phone lines that come in and connect my AT&T DSL service, and the MBR95 only has ethernet connections. So I was forced to go with the AT&T NVG510 router. So really two questions: will they work together and will it really make any performance improvement? I'll gladly make a donation if I can get these to work together if it makes sense. Thanks

  9. Are you still taking questions about this uverse motorola router? I just had uverse installed for internet and phone last Friday. My linksys webcam broadcasts wirelessly inside the home/internally. But it now doesn't work remotely. No surprise AT&T has been NO help at all. I have been to forums for Linksys (nothing on this router's issues) and other blogs etc. with no success. I tried to forward ports and am afraid I've made a mess of things, I'm at my wits end here. BTW, I haven't had any internet problems although I must say I do not like the digital phone now. There is a lag in getting a call through. I should just go back to DSL. That Netgear router worked find with my webcam. If you can help I'd be more than grateful.

  10. AT&T DSL Modem/Router - motorola nvg510

    the BroadBand LED is flashing red;
    the Service LED is steady green;
    and the internet connection is available ( I am now online with this LED
    Any idea how this is possible ???

    Some months ago all red LED's were flashing red (synchronized) and that
    Router/Modem had to be replaced because of a defect Reset button.

  11. Another problem is when the router hijacks whatever website your were looking at when you last lost connectivity and redirects it to an error page on the router (i.e. Item 5 above (clearing the cache) got me headed in the right direction but still didn't work.
    In Firefox, clearing the cache through Options didn't help, but fwiw I found a fix that worked for me: go to about:config and change the value for browser.cache.check_doc_frequency from 3 (default) to 1. Then reload the page. The att favicon still shows up, but at least I can access Google and Amazon now.

  12. This is awesome information! Thank you very much! I cannot believe how AT&T UVERSE can screw-up a LAN, thus causing days of troubleshooting and reconfiguring, just from one screwed-up device!

  13. 1. Make sure the home router allocates DHCP addresses on the LAN on a different range than For example, will work (with a subnet mask of or will work (with a subnet mask of

    2. Tell the router to use a fixed WAN IP address (to not use DHCP to get an IP address from the NVG510). Then use the address from the NVG510 configuration page under "Broadband->Broadband IPv4 Address" as the WAN IP address, as the subnet mask, the address under "Broadband->Gateway IPv4 Address" as the gateway address and the DNS server addresses from question #4 above as the primary and secondary addresses.
    Motorola nvg510 at&t u-verse

  14. Hi Ron,

    I'm lost on the part, home router settings. I have a Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N router. I changed the firmware to the basic version hoping it would be more simple. Could you explain this part more descriptively for an idiot like me?

    Thank you so much.

  15. Have you all tried to root the box, to resolve your issues. Enable telnet and alter the settings you need?

    google: " nvg510"

  16. Thanks for creating this page. I have always found combination modem/routers to be miserable pieces of technology. I had numerous run-ins with the old Two-Wire modem previously provided by AT&T. I have always heard positive reviews of Motorola cable modems, etc., so I am surprised at the many issues happening with this device listed here. I troubleshoot all of my family and friends computers and IT for them (once I get them converted to Mac users). Apparently my Dad's Motorola combo M/R (I'm assuming its the model discussed here) up and quit working this week. It's less than 6 months old. I've printed your page and am heading over there. Thanks again!! Andy

  17. Thanks Man. I work from home via corporate VPN. I just moved to a rural area last weekend and had to get DSL (I miss my cable-modem).

    Everything "seemed" to be working. Then I started having all of these weird problems. It took me a while to find this article, but ultimately it was the solution. My throughput also seems better since I am not depending on the expensive crappy motorola router to perform any functions besides IP Passthrough. Thanks again!!!!


  18. Ron as I climb through all of the posts floating around the net on the 510 your name keeps popping up so here I am. I've got an RV082 handling a large amount of forwarding and security for a network, cameras, servers & devices. All being accessed via a DYNDNS account. I've run through every posted scenario trying to deliver my public IP to the RV082 to no avail. I would be absolutely fine with having to manually change the public IP whenever ATT decides to change it. Decided to post this before I pay ATT for "elevated" support to have them tell me it won't work. Would much rather send it your way.


  19. Thank you for the IP passthrough note #6. Setup is NVG510 with ip passthrough and a Netgear wgt624. At first I couldn't port forward my ip cameras(i.e. ports 8123,8678,8901-all were "closed" according to free online port scanners). Then I deleted the port forwards that were still in the nvg510 (under Nat/Gaming) that were using the same ports. Tried scanning again the ports and reported as "open". Tested it using cellular data and friend's home wifi and works fine.

  20. modem is working fine, but how many lights should be on when my pc is turned off. i have 3 on when it is shutdown but all 5 work when it is on. just wondering why? thx mike

  21. I got U-verse internet and voice just over a week ago. Between myself and my roommate, we have 3 personal computers, 2 smart phones, 2 kindle fires, and 2 work computers. All 3 personal computers, the 2 phones and the 2 kindles connect just fine. My work computer connects fine and accesses my work's network with Cisco VPN version 4.8.

    My roommate's work computer finds the wireless signal and after tweaking a few settings in IE can finally access the internet. However it will NOT connect to his company's network with Cisco VPN version 5.0. I have worked 3 nights with AT&T's technical group in Wisconsin and nothing we have tried works. I am fed up with this crap. He has an on-call rotation coming up and can't access his work's network. We tried setting up the IP Passthrough and setting a custom setting in the NAT/Gaming configurations. Can you help me?

    I don't understand why AT&T would contract with such a crappy product and turn around and charge $100 for something that you get little to no support for. If you look on their forums, you see what a piece of trash this gateway is.

  22. I can access VPN now, and web works much better.

    I can't imagine how much man-hour waste the Motorola NVG510 device and AT&T have caused our economy.

    So glad for this solution. I was able to connect an older router I had in the closet and everything is working great now. Thanks.

  23. I am having a problem setting up Roku 3 and my Motorola NGV510. In setup it verifies and hooks up to my internet OK but then a 011 message comes on saying that Roku cannot connect. Is there a firewall problem or security settings that need to be changed or what. Nothing is obvious when I connect to the router settings.

  24. My NVG510 showed up a red light, unable to connect to the broadband, SO i RESET THE DEVICE WITH A CLIP, the status is the same, means that the devise is broken?

  25. Hi, I had problems with my ATT U-verse supplied Motorola NVG510, after searching for a fix online, I ended up choosing the easiest one and I has worked for me. As you may know, the problem is with the wi-fi part only. I fixed it by changing the wireless channel from "AUTOMATIC" to channel 5, save or apply settings and that is it. It took me less than 2 minutes. Hope that some people can benefit from this info and works for them as well.

  26. Hi Ron, Great information. Thanks for sharing. I am having a little issue: I tried to set DHCP allocation on HomeRouter and subnet and while I was saving these settings, I lost all contact with the configuration page and it is not coming back again. I am not able to access my NVG510 config page. Can you please suggest a possible solution for this??

    Your help is appreciated.


    1. The problem got fixed now! I don't know how! I had tried resetting router and all, but was not iworking till y'day. Thanks anyway!

  27. This was great info! I have an NVG589 and, but I was still able to use your directions. I have Uverse Voice/Internet/TV, and everything was working great last night, but today the TV's don't work. Any ideas? Should I plug the TV Access Point into MY router, or should it go into the Uverse router? Thanks!

  28. I'm about to purchase the Apple iPad mini 16GB with Wi-Fi.
    I want to use it as a resource for tutoring students (tons of apps)
    I have u-verse at my home (only telephone and Internet)
    I have the Motorola's NVG510 DSL modem.
    Will it support the iPad?

  29. Thank you so much! I was at my mom's house trying to fix her connection yesterday. I suspected the dns problem, but did not think that AT&T should have anything to do with it. I will have to go back another time, but now I know what was the cause. Thank you!

  30. I’m stuck on this part, please help:

    On the Home Router

    1. Make sure the home router allocates DHCP addresses on the LAN on a different range than
    For example, will work (with a subnet mask of or will work (with a subnet mask of

    2. Tell the router to use a fixed WAN IP address (to not use DHCP to get an IP address from the NVG510).
    Then use the address from the NVG510 configuration page under “Broadband->Broadband IPv4 Address” as the WAN IP address, as the subnet mask, the address under “Broadband->Gateway IPv4 Address” as the gateway address and the DNS server addresses
    from question #4 above as the primary and secondary addresses.

    I have a Netgear WNDR3700v4 router and have not figured out where to change these settings.

    Kind regards,

  31. I am still having the DNS problems, despite updating the DNS servers in my Mac's & Macbook's network preferences. I have a screenshot here:

    The NVG510's diagnostic logs show that it continues to use the original DNS server Shouldn't the logs now show, or I feel like I'm missing a setting somewhere.....

    2013-08-09T11:31:16-05:00 L3 dnsmasq[2447]: nameserver '' is now responding
    2013-08-09T11:37:48-05:00 L3 dnsmasq[2447]: no responses from nameserver ''
    2013-08-09T11:37:48-05:00 L3 dnsmasq[2447]: no responses from nameserver ''
    2013-08-09T11:39:53-05:00 L3 dnsmasq[2447]: nameserver '' is now responding
    2013-08-09T11:40:00-05:00 L3 dnsmasq[2447]: nameserver '' is now responding

  32. Hi Ron!

    On my NVG510, power and broadband are solid green, wireless is flashing green, but my service light is a solid red. I have tried resetting it and following your steps by changing the DNS servers and turning off IPV6. Any other tips you can give me?

  33. Hi Ron!

    On my NVG510, power and broadband are solid green, wireless is flashing, but my service light is a solid red. I have tried resetting it and following your steps by changing the DNS servers and turning off IPV6. Any other tips you can give me?

  34. My smart Samsung TV connects to the router but not to the internet. I can see my other elctronic devices ipad/iphone/laptop are able to connect to the router and it is all working fine. When I called AT&T they said it is not their issue as it is connecting other devices.When I called samsung support they said it is connecting to the router but not internet so it is ISP provider issue. Confused please help. It was working fine for last 8 months.
    TV Model NO. UN40EH5300
    at&T router model - Motorola NVG510

  35. I am using DSL modem NVG510 a year and having high speed internet connection u verse from ATT My computer speed is very low and My other room desktop is not receiving signal to work the computer
    do you have any suggestion? for a signal receiver for the computer in the other room
    and how to get the speed in main desktop?

  36. On step 6 of your guide to getting the NVG510 into bridge mode, how do I access all of the other router's information? I have it plugged in correctly I believe (ethernet goes from AT&T "modem") to internet input on router, ethernet cable goes from router to computer. But how do I get the WAN mask stuff, and how do I access this second router?

  37. Ron, FYI: running along normally on att uverse 6mbs and we get a glitch on the line or
    something. Inet appears to be back but almost any site will bring up the att nvg510 diagnostics page. Interestingly enough, both FB and Google will come up with no problem!
    So this is a dns problem as you already know and FB & Google go right around it. Do you know how? I manually set the dns and reset the modem and we're back up. I'm going to try using the google dns. Thx for the help. You are doing the world a lot of good. If you do reply pls email as i will forget to check back.

  38. I am having trouble with the NAT Type on my PS3. My NAT type is set to moderate. I have been trying to get it open and have gone through it step by step and nothing happens when I go to the router main page. How can I change the NAT Type so I can play online?

  39. Ron,
    I just received my Motorola NVG510. Downloaded the manual at the site suggested. Have
    1. How do I setup the nvg510 to provide separate static ip addrs from the dhcp server for a printer and another printer-fax?

    2. Is it possible to turn-off the dhcp function on the nvg510 and what are the steps to do this?

    THX, William

  40. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this website.
    What a headache this modem caused, I'd still be banging my head against the wall without it.

  41. I have tried to access modem gateway wireless from desktop
    It tells me to enter access code and when I do
    It just takes me back to the first page. Any tips?

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