Bootstrapping Life

Baron Munchhausen, I’m told, pulled himself out of a hole in the ground by his own bootstraps.

Pulling your own weight out of thin air sounds easy compared to moving to the US. That is, if you filled out the correct form required to pull yourself out of a hole, notified the neighbors, and made sure the California civil code doesn’t require you to use eco-friendly bootstraps.

Otherwise, well, you’re in a lot of trouble.

In case you don’t know me, I recently moved to the San Francisco bay area to pursue a PhD at UC Berkeley. Having arrived from Israel, several friends asked me for an update of how my move was going along. After trying to write e-mails and talk for a while, I decided to just open a blog.

We’ll see how it goes.

Why English do you ask?

Although Hebrew is widely spoken in California (otherwise, why the hell can I take the DMV test in Hebrew?), hopefully some other people will find this interesting.

A word of disclaimer – Any sarcasm or political incorrectness is done without any pun intended and isn’t an attempt to hurt anyone. It isn’t even criticism. It’s just a matter of making life funny, or making fun of life.

And besides, passing criticism is what I do best. Everyone has to excel in what he does best, isn’t it so?

- Ron

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