Cappucco? No prego.

This week I will be commemorating 7 months since I moved to the bay area. Life has been mostly splendid here, with sunny days, polite people, mostly-functional public services system (10 months to pass a budget? Com'on), and very bad coffee. Coffee here is so ridiculously bad that I actually thought about starting to prepare […]

3,000 words.

Actually, 3 photos - Commercials I saw on SF Muni. I think the first one is hilarious, but the second and third are very close competitors as well. (Raising Venture Capital, or Raising Puppies?) Anyone care to comment on what one would look like if they would advertise Israel? I see a person switching from […]

Sort of an update.

It's been a month and 10 days since I moved to the bay area. Many people (more than 3, at least) asked me how things were going, so I decided to tell how things were going in a well organized matter. To put it in other words - there's going to be a list following: […]

Simon Signs

I bet there’s someone here in California called Simon who has the best job on earth – he gets to print out signs with stupid rules that everyone has to adhere to, but no one is sure why.Instead of playing Simon Says, he just laughs in his small office and prints a sign saying “House […]